Every day is a new journey, charge with what you have – Theodin Goodwort, the brave

Each day when you open your eyes you embark on a journey. You take with you what you have, the energy stored from the night before, the wear and strain in your muscles of all the life in each that came before, the wisdom of every experience, pains of each loss, bruises of defeats where you were bested by opponent or circumstance, boldness carried on and heart from every battle triumphed.

Once life has stirred you into action you must take what you have with you and join every being on the planet for another episode of the 24 hour shared dream in space. You may choose to stay warm in bed under the covers and lie in fear that you are not enough, not prepared for what lies ahead. Though there will be momentary peace and warmth in the decision to retreat, ultimately you will suffer a greater slower affliction, the punishment of the soul.

Your best play is always to charge. Confront the unknown chaos with wide eyes and a booming heart. Take what you have at this moment with you and ride towards your fears.

In life we do not choose whether or not there will be battles, loss and bloodshed. This game takes us all in the end, truly no one has ever gotten out of here alive. But we may choose which battles are worth fighting for, and then charge with all the might of our beings.. and more still.

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