“Building your mom a blog” voted as most rewarded – Covid isolation past-time

What else are you going to do? watch a tutorial on music production? Chances are your not going to become a DJ at the age of 34 after spending the last 10 years in office stationary retail and distribution.

Do something productive this lockdown, who knows how long it will be till we have the chance again.

Join the surge of people saying “I want to build a blog for my Mum” and make 2020 the year you cracked the internet. Easter eggs are bound to be out of stock anyway..

Well in the upcoming series “Build your mum a blog” we are going to do exactly that, breaking down step by step the entire process involved with making a website that runs on WordPress the greatest framework ever for web. A lot of people have come to me and asked for advice on programming having started online courses during the pandemic, what they dont realise is – with WordPress you dont really need to understand computers to build your Mom a blog.

Stay tuned for that, close your udemy tabs, cancel your subscription to treehouse, exit codecamp and withdraw your membership from all other inferior online learning platforms. You arent going to be a DJ who can speak french, juggle, and play wonderwall.

Give up on those hopeless ends and do something productive like build a lovely little blog for your dear old Mum.

Other practical tutorial series coming soon:

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