Intellectuals unanimously agree Wikipedia now seen as “close enough to being legit”

The 2020 Freemasons committee gathered on Tuesday  to discuss the world wide scholastic situation and concluded that their has been a steady decline in the enthusiasm of students essays since the divorce of Wikipedia and the pool of legitimate information resources.

Long gone are the days of leather bound books, library cards and hard copy encyclopedias.

This comes as no surprise to many who puruse the darkest corners of the uncomfortable strange world of online academia. Most people above the age of 20 alive today were discouraged, nay persecuted, for their use of as a reference of truthy academic value during their time at school.

Dr Johan Schwartz, a Jewish man from the university of pittsburgh said in a press release on the morning of the gathering that change would need to come in order to turn this trend on its head,

“No one can be bothered looking further than Wikipedia, besides who trolls on Wikipedia these days anyway. I got into catfishing Chinese billionaires, and thats been heaps more fun.” – Johan S.

With the final talks coming to a conclusion it was agreed that we let people use bloody Wikipedia again.

“If the biggest centrally accessible public repository of  information known to man isnt bloody legitimate then we’ve got bigger problems on our hands. Like trying to stay sober during lockdown” – Drunken Attendee

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