Kibbles dies along with hope for miracle covid cure – the welsh cat that caught corona

Kibbles was just 9 and a half years old when he was suddenly hit with corona virus that mutated in his body to become the deadly covid 19. Beloved  by all his community Kibbles was a friendly and happy-go-luck puss with a tabby fur and longer than usual ears.

When veterinarian Jason Bates first diagnosed Kibbles in February he hadnt heard of any cases of the ferocious disease spreading to cats and dogs. Which is when he documented the first cat case of corona from his small practice in Wales.

“I knew he was a special cat and that it wasnt normal for kitties to contract the infection, thats when I contacted biologist Shaun Dwackney from the University of Wales to take a closer look.”

On first inspection everything seemed to be in order as expected, but as they looked closer they noticed that the amino acids in Kibbles saliva when observed closely under a microscope, appeared to be mutating to form high potency anti-immune cells that were latching onto infected cells and pathogens and reducing inflammation by regulating the bodies natural immune response to the disease. This process was further enhanced by his purring which was always unusually loud for a cat of his stature.

Doctors and scientists hoped the cats biological self regulation could help save lives by treating high risk covid-19 patients who are dying not of the disease itself but as a consequence of the symptomatic pneumonia that arises as an immune response within the body.

Kibbles was found dead in the observation room early this morning, a tragic loss for the worlds fight against corona.

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