“Law of attraction Furby” – Mc Donald’s Happy Meal Toy of 2020

Mc Donald’s have done it again with another great controversial happy meal toy.

Ronald Mc Donald made the executive announcement on Sunday to replace the costly make a wish foundation with a far more practical and ultimately cheaper solution – a new happy meal toy called the “law of attraction Furby”.

The toy is aimed at reducing running expenses of the costly charity by placing the power of manifesting fate directly into the hands of the young and misfortunate children.

“The only reason the kids get sick is because they dont understand LOA” said Harry, customer service attendant of the south Auckland bombay drive through. “with law of attraction Furby we give them the power to manifest their own destinies.. hopefully ones that dont include heart disease and bone marrow cancer before the age of 5”.

Law of attraction Furby goes on sale Monday with the new extra-spiritual mc furby happy meal.

“I can already feel my chakras burning” said Ben a 8 year old waiting outside for his LOA Furby.

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