Guide to nofap law & lore – the rise of the fapstronauts

There comes an important moment in every young man’s life when he discovers that his penis is a gateway to higher planes of sensational consciousness. And shortly after this Hiroshima level discovery, he shall conveniently unearth an inexhaustible treasury of erotic material on a biblical scale, droves of prolific perversion under every sub section and niche category imaginable… Oceans of raunchy filth with which to explore and defile the darkest corner of the budding mind.

8 years ago, there started a jokey new internet phenomenon in response to the expanding but unspoken epidemic. Called NoFap.

Calling all eager patrons and indentured servants of Pleasure Island. Come forth and take refuge in the hearty conspiracy that conserving your semen will give you magic sorcerer-like powers.

It’s close to certain that you will experience higher levels of testosterone and naturally if you’ve ever been addicted to anything cultivating self-discipline to abstain will give you general sense of self-assuredness and confidence — but what kind of a lame sorcerer is that?? Well to that I say: quiet with your nay-saying and grandiose expectations… I am here to debunk a little of the NoFap legend, pay it credit where it’s due, and share my own experiences. So listen up (and put your palms where I can see them)…

Porn in all its grotesque human magnificence is a story for another day. But in order to move forward, let’s just cover some key objective facts:

  • About 2/3’s of young men watch porn I have no reliable information or idea how that works out for the opposite gender (but let’s face it, girls watch the music video for Chris Isaak’s wicked games and call it porn.. sorry ladies you have no idea).
  • The average age to start warming the palms over a bit of monstrous media is 10 in the US (certainly also in NZ) and many other countries where such studies have been performed. Bitdefender, has reported children under the age of 10 now account for 22% of online porn consumption.
  • There is already more porn than you could watch in 10^e lifetimes.
  • Studies have revealed the effects on brains can be as impactful as cocaine. Every click triggering the same response as a new potential playmate, a surge of rewards — without the effort. (A stellar model for humanity).
  • An utterly jaw dropping 1/4 to 1 /2 of the world’s internet traffic is dedicated to streaming the carnal cacophony at any one time.

In defense I’m sure we’ve have all pulled a sick day for a bed bound wank-fest once in our lives and found it nothing short of a transformative and therapeutic experience. There is positives and negatives, lets just agree that like a 3-day mdma bender at new years with your ex-girlfriend — it will be the best thing that ever happened for a moment, and afterwards make you dead inside.

I had probably started watching porn around that golden age or earlier; starting with the days of dial up (in New Zealand) in hindsight I’m quite impressed I had the patience to wait 2–3 minutes for a page of low res thumbnails to load. The old man’s car magazines were also fairly accessible and packed with girls on candy painted chevy hoods covering their nipples with a generously condimented Hawaiian-burger or a dripping sponge. Pictures of titties have never been in short supply, and demand was never far behind.

Louis CK made a good point that “if you put a baby in front of a screen and have it watch all the worlds’ porn for life it would hit 80 and barely be out of the anal section”. He is not wrong, actually from my own very rudimentary calculations Anal would take about 247 years to take a proper run at. And with the current pace of development in medical science to extend human lifespan… If you compare it to the rate of content production… Sadly, it is unlikely we will ever find a baby with whom to run the experiment.

Porn has been a thing for ages — where did NoFap come from?

The NoFap movement grew out of a jokey Reddit thread, which seemed to have no further purpose than a funny subject for meme creation. But it’s not like that anymore, it’s grown to become a prominent idea in online culture— since anyone strongly connected to the internet probably at some time or another has spent some time battling in the belly of the beast.

Brahmacharya — restraining your semen gives you magic powers:

There are respected NoFap gods on YouTube who traject the belief that NoFap and Brahmacharya will generate extra energy to engage with the world and pursue goals as a natural consequence of pent up creative/sexual energy yearning to express itself. It is a solid theory and actually has a little scientific backing — studies on mice and humans alike have concluded that 7 days post-ejac males experience a significant (145%) spike in testosterone. This makes sense biologically since a full serving takes 24–36 hours to build up, around a week your body will be rather aggressively green-lighting any opportunity to purge the tanks — and a spike in test levels is certainly going to help get that job done.

So there is tangible validity to this idea, however the science is consistent with the 7-day mark and in my experience that is about as far as it goes. Beyond that, you’re operating out of purely spiritual faith, which certainly has a lot of substance but is potentially not worth fighting biology to achieve.

Nocturnal emissions: There is a rhetoric of avoiding having wet dreams or having sex with girlfriends in order to conserve every drop of the magic of your semen. I think this might be getting a little close to the Catholic Church “every sperm is sacred” and semi-cultlike dogma — but if it is helping people be free of addiction and not hurting anyone (except their little fellas (and potentially their relationships) then more power to them.

Magnetic attraction: Another point to NoFap ideology is the concept that retention builds female attraction. All criticism aside, I think this one is hard hard to argue with. But again only to a certain point. I strongly feel this could be rationally attributed to the fact that your constraint expresses itself in a masculine and regal way — your increased sense of discipline and patience transfers into other domains in your life. You will also likely be expressing the pent up energy through other means including being more social. In short, I do not think the extra semen will give you magic powers.

In my experience, the social aspect was huge — I am a programmer and kept to myself for 9 months at a new job until I started the first run of NoFap. Coincidentally around the same time, I quit using Facebook (which may be a factor). I always considered myself a heavy introvert, finding social interactions draining, whereas now at times it is difficult to stop myself speaking — I can barely stand in an elevator for 7 seconds without blurting something out at the person next to me.

The big guys upstairs want you to do it:

You hear this recurring ideology in the comments sections of forums and videos on YouTube, that big brother tech, trump, the rocker-fellas and the monopoly man are targeting us to watch porn because it makes the population docile, weak and ashamed. It is based on the history of content creators banned on YouTube for their NoFap content… Shocking but you do have to wonder when people are openly posting videos about their masturbation habits on a public domain… maybe that’s not such a surprise?

“Porn is evil, we are powerless and it should be stopped.”

Porn represents the entire spectrum of sexual fantasy and human perversion. But I would argue it is in our nature to take the technology created and use it as a medium to express what is essentially our most basic primitive instinct — it’s no surprise we started filming each other doing it, and that we spend more than a quarter of global internet traffic consuming the titillating content.

NoFap provides a beacon of light for the distinguished gentleman afflicted by the ails of the exhausted forearm. It takes impulsive, meek, hopeless beings and shows them a way to a more structured and fulfilling life by cultivating self-discipline and respect for your unique creative and sexual energy.

For all the wacky cultlike rituals that surround it, I think it is doing good in the online community. It is kind of like an average guy who wears a cape and runs through town calling himself a super hero and saving people lives through no extraordinary means whatsoever, he thinks he has powers but whether or not that’s true is irrelevant. The main thing is he’s out engaging with the world, saving kittens from trees and helping old ladies cross the street. Instead of where he would be, jerking off in the basement under a snow-bed of cheeto-dust.

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